8 Best Neighbourhoods In Ottawa 2023

For anyone moving to a new, relatively unknown city, it can be challenging to know where to start when choosing your ideal neighbourhood. Are you planning a move to Ottawa? If so, which are the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa for you?

Ottawa is a beautiful historic city. It offers a high quality of life with a lower cost of living than many Canadian cities. In this article, we will share some basic facts and benefits of living in Ottawa before discussing our picks for the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

Living In Ottawa – The Facts

You will find Ottawa in southwestern Ontario, around a 4-hour drive east of Toronto. As the capital of Canada, Ottawa is the country’s political centre and home to institutions such as the Canadian Parliament, the Supreme Court and many foreign embassies.

The weather in Ottawa is typical of Ontario; winters can be bitterly cold, with an average minimum January temperature of around minus 14 DegC. One benefit of this is that in winter, the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa freezes over to become the longest ice-skating rink in the world.

Summers are warm, with an average July high of around 27 DegC. However, humidity levels can be high at this time of year, making the climate uncomfortable for some.

Nearly half of the population in Ottawa is under the age of 35. This makes it one of the youngest cities in the world and creates a great living environment.

Is Property Expensive In Ottawa?

Property prices in Ottawa are surprisingly affordable for the national capital. For example, the average cost of a home in July 2022 (according to the Canadian Real Estate Association) was around $675,000.

This is marginally higher than the national average for Canada but around 20% lower than the average property price in Ontario. Also, compare Ottawa’s average to real estate in Vancouver and Toronto, where the average home costs well in excess of $1 million.

Why Should I Move To Ottawa?

Ottawa is a beautiful, historic city with great job and business opportunities. The health and education systems and amenities are excellent, as with most Canadian cities.

In Ottawa, you will find world-class research centres and top academic institutions. You will find that of the 1.4 million people who live in the capital, most of them speak French and English.

Ottawa offers safe neighbourhoods, a growing immigration population, and a multicultural hub, which create a great environment to live and work in.

Also, Ottawa is one of the top cities for attracting newcomers, according to the Conference Board of Canada in a MoneySense Magazine in 2016.

Here are some of our top picks for the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

Winter In One Of The Best Neighbourhoods In Ottawa Snow Is Piled Several Feet High At The Sides Of A Small Road
Best Neighbourhoods In Ottawa

Alta Vista

Alta Vista is one of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa, and its name translates to ‘high view’ because of the numerous parks in the area that offer beautiful views. 

The neighbourhood has a strong community spirit, with many formal and informal events running year-round. Alta Vista is the sort of area where you know your neighbours.

Many houses here were built in the 1960s, although many new homes have emerged over the past few years. Also, there are plenty of rental apartments ranging from around $1000 to $1500.


Kanata is an up-and-coming area with plenty of options to explore the outdoors. There are dozens of parks surrounding the area for hiking or walking the dog.

However, if you’re not outdoorsy, there will still be plenty for you to do. From the 80-store mall outlet to endless good-quality restaurants and bars, there are many things to enjoy in the neighbourhood.

There are some apartments in the neighbourhood, but it is still mainly full of single-family houses. However, these all come together to create a community which is bright, bustling, and full of opportunities.


Barrhaven is easily one of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa. This is mainly because it is a growing suburb with a lot of charm, with many young families choosing this as the place to call home.

The schools in this area are some of the best, and there are large parks and libraries, which are also great for raising a family. Not only that but the plentiful restaurants and stores are great hang-out spots and places to meet new friends.

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is the perfect area for purchasing their first home. Because many of the houses were developed between the 30s and 80s, the prices for accommodation here are significantly lower than in other neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

The Golden Triangle is pleasant and affordable, and it also houses attractions such as multiple hiking trails, highly-rated restaurants, and the Ottawa City Hall.

The Glebe

The Glebe is an area which is just bursting with character. There are tree-lined streets full of large family homes, and it is a friendly and historic neighbourhood.

In addition, the Glebe is located within easy driving distance to the centre of Ottawa, and sports fans will love the fact that there are local soccer, football, and ice hockey teams. 

The Glebe is also full of restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets; there is a bustling farmers market every Sunday.

New Edinburgh

This is one of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa for those who have connections to the city. Perfect for families, students, and those just starting out, New Edinburgh has a pleasant mix of houses and apartments to suit any need.

There are also many good restaurants, cafes, shops, and three gorgeous public parks. Rideau Falls Park has 80 acres to walk, picnic, and relax.


Westboro is hands down one of the trendiest places to live and work. Here, you will find a mix of people, from young professionals to new families to retirees.

One of Westbrook’s biggest benefits is that it is located near the Ottawa River, which has a beautiful beach to relax at in the summer. You will also find many boutiques and high-class stores on Main Street.

Little Italy

As you can imagine, Little Italy is home to many families of Italian immigrants who first came here to settle following World War II. So if you have Italian parentage, want to learn a new language, or fancy trying a traditional Napoli pizza, this is the place!

There are plenty of good schools in the area, making it an excellent location for those looking to raise a family. There is also a strong sense of community, and each June, everyone comes together to celebrate Italian Week.

Are You Planning A Move To Canada?

Are you wondering whether to make the move and have endless questions?

Do you want to know if it would be better to live in Montreal or Toronto, what a physiotherapist earns in Canada or what ringette is?

We have the answers to these and many more questions.

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FAQ Best Neighbourhoods In Ottawa

Is Ottawa French or English Speaking?

Both English and French are spoken in Ottowa, although more people speak English as their first language. However, the city is officially bilingual, with a large portion of the population being bilingual in both languages. The federal government requires all services to be available in both English and French.

What is Ottawa Known For?

Ottawa is probably best known for The Rideau Canal Skateway. In winter, the canal freezes over to become a 7.8-kilometre-long ice skating rink. It is the world’s longest naturally frozen skating rink and runs from downtown Ottawa to the Dows Lake Pavilion in Odell Park.

Is Ottawa a Cheap City to Live In?

Ottawa is surprisingly affordable, considering that it is Canada’s national capital. For example, property prices are only marginally higher than the national average but around 20% lower than the average for Ontario. Also, compared to Toronto, real estate is significantly cheaper.

Living In Ottawa – Best Neighbourhoods In Ottawa

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