What Is Ringette In Canada?

What is Ringette? Ringette is often described as a cross between Ice Hockey and Basketball as there is a 30-second window (monitored with a “shot clock”) in which teams are required to shoot.

What Equipment Do You Need To Play Ringette?

To play ringette, you will need a few pieces of equipment. This includes skates, a helmet, gloves, and a mouthguard. You will also need a stick used to shoot the ring.

Because the stick is narrow at the end, the helmet is designed differently from a hockey helmet. The mask must have triangular or tight horizontal bars so that the point of the stick cannot impact the face.

Body protection is also required. Players wear a neck guard, knee, elbow and shinpads, and hip and tailbone protection.

The stick is about two feet long and has a plastic blade on one end. The ring is made of hard rubber, about three inches in diameter.

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What Are The Rules Of Ringette?

Teams are usually between twelve and seventeen players in size. Of these, only six are allowed on the ice simultaneously, five skaters and one goalie.

The rink is divided into three zones: the attacking zone, the neutral zone, and the defending zone. Each team has its own net, which is located in its defending zone.

The objective of ringette is to score goals by shooting the ring into the other team’s net. Players can only shoot the ring when they are in the attacking zone. They can pass the ring to their teammates anytime, but they can only shoot it when they are in the attacking zone.

Ringette is a non-contact sport, and intentional body contact is not permitted. Players are given penalties if they make excessive contact with an opposing player.

If a player shoots the ring and it goes out of play, then play stops and the ring is brought back into the rink. The same thing happens if a player falls down or if there is a penalty.

Penalties are given for infractions such as tripping, holding, interference, high-sticking, and slashing. Penalties result in the offending player being sent to the penalty box for two minutes.

The game is divided into four quarters or two halves; depending upon the age of the participants, the team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

In 2000, a 30-second shot clock was introduced to make the game even faster. The shot clock starts when a team gains possession of the ring, and if they have not taken a shot on the net within 30 seconds, a buzzer sounds, and the ring is awarded to the opposing team.

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What Is Ringette

The History Of Ringette

Ringette was invented in 1963 by a man named Sam Jacks. He wanted to create a fast-paced and challenging sport, and he felt ice hockey was dangerous for women.

He devised the idea for ringette while working as a coach for the girls’ ice hockey team at the University of Ottawa.

The first ringette game was played on December 8, 1963, at the Ottawa Civic Centre. The game was between two teams of eight players each.

The sport quickly gained popularity, and by 1965 there were over 1,000 players in Ontario alone.

Conclusion – What Is Ringette?

Ringette, a sport that beautifully merges the dynamics of Ice Hockey and Basketball, has carved its niche in the world of sports.

Originating in 1963, thanks to the vision of Sam Jacks, it has grown from its first game in the Ottawa Civic Centre to being played internationally, with Canada and Finland often vying for the championship title.

The sport, while having a dedicated following, remains a minority sport in Canada, especially when compared to its counterpart, hockey. However, its unique rules, non-contact nature, and emphasis on teamwork make it a distinct and engaging sport. For those unfamiliar with ringette, it offers a fresh perspective on ice sports, and for its loyal fan base, it’s a source of immense joy and camaraderie.

Whether you’re in Ontario, Alberta, or British Columbia, Ringette has left its mark, and its legacy continues to grow, one game at a time.

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FAQ – What Is Ringette?

What Is Ringette?

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