Pros And Cons Of Living In Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, 2023

Are you planning a move to Canada but looking for a peaceful rural location away from the big cities? If so, you may be interested in living in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, just one of the many attractive small towns in Saskatchewan.

Fort Qu’Appelle combines a beautiful lakeside location, numerous summer and winter outdoor activities, and low property prices.

This article will give you all the key information you need, and we will provide you with an unbiased view of the pros and cons of living in Fort Qu’Appelle to help you decide whether it is the place for you.

Living In Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan – The Facts

Here are a few key facts about this small town for anyone interested in living in Fort Qu’Appelle.

A Table To Show The Key Facts About The Pros And Cons Of Living In Fort Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan Canada
Living In Fort Qu’Appelle – The Facts

Where Is Fort Qu’Appelle?

Fort Qu’Appelle is a town in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. It is about 75 kilometres northeast of Regina, the provincial capital. The town is on the shores of Echo Lake and is known for its rolling green hills and clear lakes.

First Nations people have been living in Fort Qu’Appelle for thousands of years, but European settlers founded the town as a trading post in the mid-1800s.

What Is The Population Of Fort Qu’Appelle in 2023?

The population of Fort Qu’Appelle in 2023 is around 1,950. The town has seen a small decline in population in recent years, which contrasts with the growth trend observed in many other Canadian cities and towns.

The latest federal census data (released in 2022) showed a population of 1,972, representing a reduction in the population of Fort Qu’Appelle of 3.4% between 2016 and 2021.

The average age of the population is 45.8, nearly four years above the national average, and the population of Fort Qu’Appelle is predominantly white and English-speaking.

According to the latest census data, visible minorities account for around 11% of the population. The largest minority group living in Fort Qu’Appelle is Filipino, making up around 7.7% of the total population. The only other significant visible minority group in the town is South Asian.

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What Is The Weather In Fort Qu’Appelle Like?

Most of Canada experiences cold, harsh winters with moderately hot summers, and Saskatchewan is no different. However, its location in central Canada, away from any major bodies of water, means that temperatures tend to be more extreme than in other parts of the country.

Saskatchewan has very harsh winters, where temperatures will likely remain below zero for several months. In the south of the province, summers are hot, and high humidity can make these months uncomfortable.

However, the good news is that Saskatchewan competes with Alberta for the title of the sunniest province in Canada.

Fort Qu’Appelle has an average July high of 25 deg C and an average January low of -14 deg C. The area is quite dry, with total annual precipitation of just 450mm. The humidity in the area is relatively low for Saskatchewan, which makes the summer highs and winter lows more tolerable.

What Is The Cost of Living Like In Fort Qu’Appelle?

Most immigrants find the cost of living high in Canada. However, Saskatchewan is one of the cheaper provinces. One of the main reasons for this is that the cost of housing is very low. The average price of a property in Saskatchewan is around 50% lower than the average for Canada.

Housing prices in Fort Qu’Appelle are even lower than the average for Saskatchewan, which helps to keep the cost of living low. On the downside, the town doesn’t have the cheaper big box stores, but Regina is less than an hour’s drive away.

What Is The Fort Qu’Appelle Economy Based On?

Fort Qu’Appelle is a popular tourist destination. The town’s numbers triple in the summer as visitors flock to enjoy the area’s natural beauty and enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, and water skiing.

The town is also popular in the winter when tourists travel to the area for ice fishing, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing. Mission Ridge Winter Park’s ski resort lies on the town’s edge.

Many people are also employed in sectors connected to tourism, such as retail and hospitality, and the agricultural industry is also a significant employer.

Is Fort Qu’Appelle A Safe Place To Live?

Hudson Bay Company Downtown Sunny Day Pros And Cons Of Living In Fort Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan Canada
Summers Day In Downtown Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to live in. Crime rates are low, and the country always features near the top of the annual Global Peace Index rankings.

Within Canada, Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces have the lowest crime rates, while rates are highest in the territories.

Crime rates in Saskatchewan are around twice the national average, and the rates for Fort Qu’Appelle are close to the provincial averages. However, you should remember that crime rates are still low compared to many other developed countries.

What Are The Schools In Fort Qu’Appelle Like?

Canada has a strong and publicly-funded education system, which consistently ranks as one of the best in the world. Education is administered at a provincial level, so there are differences between provinces, for example, in the curriculums.

Fort Qu’Appelle has two public schools. Fort Qu’Appelle Elementary Community School for Kindergarten through Grade 7 and Bert Fox Community High School for grades 8 through 12. Both schools have around 300-350 students.

In addition, Parkland College offers post-secondary education programs, including bachelor’s degrees and diplomas, as well as work-related training. For example, the college is the primary training location for firefighters in the province.

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What Is The Healthcare In Fort Qu’Appelle Like?

Canada has an excellent publicly-funded healthcare system which covers “medically necessary” care. Generally, hospital and doctor visits are covered, while other types of care, such as dental, optical and prescriptions, are funded for certain groups of people.

In Canada, healthcare is administered at a provincial level, so anyone living in Fort Qu’Appelle would be covered through the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

You should be aware that there is currently a shortage of family doctors in much of Canada, and it can be difficult to find clinics taking on new patients. This is especially true of the smaller towns and cities. However, you can use the government’s Saskatchewan Health Authority list to find doctors in the area that are taking on new patients.

Despite its small size Fort Qu’Appelle does have its own hospital. The All Nations Healing Hospital offers emergency and diagnostic services, acute care beds and palliative care.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Fort Qu’Appelle

The pros and cons of living in Fort Qu’Appelle will vary from person to person, but whatever you are looking for, these are key factors for you to consider.

Pros Of Living In Fort Qu’Appelle

  • Attractive lakeside location
  • Outdoor activities
  • Low property prices
  • A sunny, dry climate
  • 1hr to Regina Airport
  • Ski resort

Cons Of Living In Fort Qu’Appelle

  • Crime rates are higher than national averages.
  • Harsh winter temperatures
  • Limited shopping options

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