What Are The 10 Most Popular Sports In Canada?

Ice Hockey is by far the most-watched sport in Canada. However, Ice Hockey is second overall, with Golf taking the top spot in terms of participation.

Other sports making up the top ten most popular sports in Canada include Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Swimming, Skiing, Cycling, and Tennis.

There Are Two Main Sports In Canada, Ice Hockey And Everything Else.

Canada’s official national winter sport is likely unfamiliar to most Brits. It is a surprise to most that the UK does have one professional and one semi-professional league. The UK’s most popular team, the Sheffield Steelers, averages crowds of around 8000 to its home games. Fan favourites such as Robert Dowd (the golden child) and Liam Kirk have huge followings.

The sport has long since been tied to aspects of Canadian culture.

Its popularity can be attributed to its fast-paced nature and sheer excitement factor that keeps fans coming back for more every time. It has become widely popular over the years, drawing crowds from all walks of life; young and old alike. Hockey is one of those rare games with mass appeal as it transcends social boundaries and brings people together as no other sport can. 

A visit to a hockey game is one of the first things you should do in Canada. Ideally, take a friend to explain the rules to you during the game.

Golf – How Popular Is Golf In Canada?

Banff Golf Course Alberta Canada Most Popular Sports In Canada
Banff Golf Course Alberta Canada. Most Popular Sports In Canada

Overall, golf boasts the most participants of any sport in Canada. The numbers are heavily weighted towards adult golfers as it does not even make the top 10 list for children.

Golf is a popular sport played around the world, but few countries have as many participants as Canada. According to a 2012 article from The Globe and Mail, there are more than 2 million golfers in the country, which means that one out of every twenty Canadians plays some form of golf.

The game has transformed into big business in Canada; according to Forbes Magazine’s most recent rankings, Canada was second only to the USA in the total number of golf courses, boasting more than 2000. This abundance of courses has helped attract large global companies to establish themselves in Canada. Companies such as RBC Royal Bank have used their massive advertising budgets to help bring golf to the forefront of Canadian sports.

So how does it work? Many public and private courses charge an initial registration fee before allowing players onto their property; this fee normally ranges from $30-$50. The average green fee for 18 holes is $45, but that number can be higher if you live in a more populated city such as Toronto or Vancouver.

Swimming – Is Swimming Popular In Canada?

Swimming is a widely enjoyed and well-known Canadian pastime. It’s also one of the most popular sports in Canada, both for recreation and competition at all levels. But why is swimming so popular in Canada?

Canada has over ten thousand public pools, and any major city or town will have multiple pools that are open to the public. That’s a pretty high concentration of pools, and it helps to explain why swimming is a popular fitness activity in Canada. From the very young to the very old, many Canadians take advantage of these facilities.

If there is no pool nearby, then it is likely you are not far from one of the thousands of lakes scattered across the country.

In the winter months, it competes with hockey as the most popular competitive winter sport.

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Basketball – Do Canadians Play Basketball?

Basketball is slowly increasing in popularity amongst those who prefer a less violent sport to hockey. Unlike hockey, it is mainly played as a high school sport, so most kids will likely play it at some time.

There are over 800,000 registered players in basketball (according to the 2011 census). This number doesn’t count those who play only occasionally or walk-ons who join a team but don’t make it past tryouts. Youth programs such as Basketball Ontario and Canada Basketball work together to promote and develop youth across the country and encourage children of all backgrounds to play this great sport.

With so many winter sports to participate in, it is unlikely to become one of the most popular sports in Canada.

Volleyball – Is Volleyball Popular In Canada?

It wasn’t until 1920 that Canada even started playing volleyball at all; however, it became very popular in high schools by the 1950s. There are currently over 70 different high school associations in Canada that are dedicated to promoting & developing the sport. There are currently 20 000 high school members in these associations, which is more than enough players to populate many volleyball clubs.

Outside of school, its popularity isn’t particularly high, but like basketball, most kids will play it at some stage during their school years.

Soccer – How Many People Play Soccer In Canada?

Spring Kids Soccer Match In Front Of Three Sisters Mountains Canmore Alberta. Most Popular Sports In Canada.
Spring Soccer Match – Canmore Alberta. Most Popular Sports In Canada.

Soccer is one of the most popular team sports among Canadian youth – particularly among young girls – with over 1,000,000 registered participants across the country (Canadian Soccer Association). This number includes youth from all backgrounds and levels of ability: everyone from recreational players to high school students to competitive athletes.

Most schools offer soccer as an after-school activity for students in elementary and middle school, with the number of opportunities decreasing in high school when students face increased pressure to focus on academics or sports that pose a higher level of competition. However, it is still possible to find age-appropriate teams with regular practice times and games throughout the year in most areas of Canada.

It is mainly a summer sport. It makes a pleasant change watching games in the sun rather than knee-deep in mud.

Tennis – Is Tennis Played In Canada?

Tennis facilities are widely available throughout Canada, which means anyone who wishes to play can. Tennis is a popular sport, both recreationally and competitively.

In schools, tennis is a popular program for children. There are also many after-school programs available that allow kids to play with their classmates and friends while supervised by an instructor or coach.

As well as after-school programs, there are often weekend camp opportunities during the summer months where kids can go for a week and learn the tennis basics. Another option for children is to join a local tennis club. There are clubs in most major cities that offer lessons, court time, and equipment rental.

Baseball – How Popular Is Baseball In Canada?

Baseball has been one of Canada’s most popular summer pastimes for decades and continues to grow in popularity. Baseball flourishes at the grassroots level, with children and adults participating in leagues across Canada. Major League Baseball (MLB) games continue to be televised across the country.

Cycling And Biking In Canada

Two Kids And Grandpa Biking The Goat Creek Trail Near To A River In Canmore. Most Popular Sports In Canada.
Mountain Biking In The Canadian Rockies – Goat Creek Trail Between Canmore And Banff.

Cycling has become more popular in Canada over the last two years (as it has in much of the world).

It remains a minority sport in Canada and suffers from poor infrastructure. Adverse weather conditions also mean that in much of Canada, the biking season is not particularly long.

Skiing – Is Skiing Popular In Canada?

Not surprisingly, skiing is an extremely popular winter sport in Canada. Most cities in Canada have easy access to a ski facility.

Not all are of the same quality as the famous resorts of the Canadian Rockies or Whistler near Vancouver. They do, however, offer the opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to get out and enjoy skiing.

What Is Lacrosse? Why Isn’t It A Popular Sport In Canada?

Kids Box Lacrosse Match Vancouver Bc. Most Popular Sports In Canada.
Kids Box Lacrosse Match Vancouver BC. Most Popular Sports In Canada

Despite being Canada’s national summer sport, it isn’t particularly popular.

The game has two forms Box (indoor) lacrosse and field lacrosse. Usually played on an ice hockey rink (without the ice), box lacrosse has become the dominant form of the game in Canada. Arguably more violent than hockey, all-new Canadians should take the opportunity to watch a game.

Since the first men’s box (indoor) lacrosse national championship was played in 1967, Canada has been a powerhouse of world lacrosse, winning gold medals at each of the last five World Championships. Some have even argued that Canada’s presence in international competition has been overbearing, as the focus of other countries’ on-field lacrosse has been languishing since the introduction of box lacrosse.

What Other Sports Are Played In Canada?

Cricket In Canada. Can It Become One Of The Most Popular Sports In Canada?

No, the sports listed above are the most popular, but if you want to try something different, you can.

The largely unheard-of sport of Ringette, the (more sedentary) sport of curling, or traditional English sports of Cricket, Rugby, Bowling, and Darts are all available in many parts of the country.

FAQ – Most Popular Sports In Canada

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