Pros And Cons Of Living In Osoyoos BC 2023

Are you planning a move to British Columbia but looking for a quieter location away from the big cities? If so, you may be interested in living in Osoyoos, BC, an attractive lakeside town in southern BC. It is just one of the many attractive small towns in BC.

Osoyoos is a border community in south-central BC. This small town nestles on the shores of Osoyoos Lake, surrounded by orchards and vineyards. Osoyoos is considered a resort/recreational destination courtesy of its warm climate and spectacular location. 

We will give you all the key information about living in Osoyoos, BC. In addition, we will provide you with an unbiased view of the pros and cons of living in this town.

Living In Osoyoos, BC – The Facts

Here are some key facts about this lakeside town for anyone interested in living in Osoyoos, BC.

An Information Table Which Gives The Key Facts About The Pros And Cons Of Living In Osoyoos Bc Canada
Critical Facts About Living In Osoyoos, BC

Where Is Osoyoos BC?

Osoyoos is on the US border in the South Okanagan region of BC. It lies directly east of Vancouver; it will take you around 4.5 hours to drive from Osoyoos to the city. 

The closest international airport is around a 2-hour drive north of Osoyoos at Kelowna. Kelowna International Airport offers flights to a handful of international destinations, mainly in the US, Mexico, and many domestic destinations.

What Is The Population Of Osoyoos in 2023?

The population of Osoyoos in 2023 is around 5,600, based on the latest government of BC estimates released at the start of the year.

The town has seen steady growth in recent years. The latest federal census data (released in 2022) showed a population of 5,556, representing a growth in the population of Osoyoos of 10.0% between 2016 and 2021.

The average age of the population is 56.85, which is significantly higher than the national average of 41.9. This reflects Osoyoos’ popularity as a retirement and snowbird destination.

The population of Osoyoos is predominantly white and English speaking. According to the latest census data, visible minorities account for around 10% of the population. The largest minority group living in Osoyoos is South Asian, accounting for almost 60% of the visible minority population. 

What Is The Weather In Osoyoos, BC, Like?

Most of Canada experiences cold, harsh winters with pleasant, moderately hot summers. However, BC’s coastal location and mountain ranges mean its climate isn’t typical of Canada.

You will find significant variations in the climate even within the province. Overall the BC weather is milder and wetter than the rest of Canada. The south coast has the most temperate winters in Canada and warm, pleasant summers, while the southern interior has very short winters with long, dry, hot summers.

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The weather in Osoyoos is one of its biggest attractions. It has a semi-desert climate, with very low precipitation for most of the year. The average January low is -3.8 Degrees C, while the average July high is 31.5 Degrees C. The town has a total annual precipitation of just 320mm. 

The main downside of the weather when living in Osoyoos is that low-lying clouds can make the winter months gloomy. This may be an issue for people used to cold, bright Canadian winters.

What Is The Cost of Living In Osoyoos Like?

Most immigrants find the cost of living high in Canada, and BC is one of the more expensive provinces. House prices in BC are around 50% higher than Canadian averages.

Rural areas are cheaper but still subject to higher provincial taxes. Sales tax is 12% on most goods (5% GST plus 7% PST) compared to 5% in provinces such as Alberta, and the top income tax rate is relatively high.

The average property price in Osoyoos is around $920,000. This is close to the average for BC but expensive for a rural location. On a positive note, the average is distorted by some costly lakefront properties, and it is possible to find more affordable housing.

What Is The Osoyoos BC Economy Based On?

Osoyoos is based in the South Okanagan region, famous for its wine. Agriculture, especially fruit production, is the mainstay of the town’s economy. The area is a significant exporter of apples and Canada’s second-largest wine-producing region.

The hot weather, warm lake water, and wineries mean the area is also a popular tourist destination in the summer. 

There is also a correctional facility in nearby Oliver that offers employment opportunities nearby.

Is Osoyoos, BC, A Safe Place To Live?

A View South Down The Okanagan Valley In Summer As An Example Of The Pros And Cons Of Living In Osoyoos Bc Canada
A View Down The Okanagan Valley Towards Oliver And Osoyoos

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to live in. Crime rates are low, and the country always features near the top of the annual Global Peace Index rankings.

Canada, Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces have the lowest crime rates, while the highest in the territories. BC crime rates are above average for Canada.

Crimes rates in Osoyoos are slightly higher than BC averages but significantly higher than Canada’s. However, this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern for living in Osoyoos, given the low overall rates for Canada. As a regular visitor to Osoyoos, I haven’t ever felt unsafe. 

What Are The Schools In Osoyoos, BC, Like?

Canada has a robust and publicly-funded education system, which consistently ranks as one of the best in the world. Education is administered at a provincial level, and BC has a reputation for excellent education within Canada.

Osoyoos has just one elementary school and one secondary school; between them, they cover kindergarten to grade 12. The town also has a Sprott Shaw College campus which offers career-focused post-secondary education.

Unfortunately, the schools in Osoyoos don’t offer French immersion programs. However, if French immersion is an important factor, you may want to consider the community of Penticton instead. Penticton is a larger community around one hour north of Osoyoos. 

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What Is The Healthcare In Osoyoos, BC Like?

Canada has an excellent publicly-funded healthcare system which covers”medically necessary” care. Generally, hospital and doctor visits are covered, while other types of care, such as dental, optical and prescriptions, are funded for certain groups of people.

In Canada, healthcare is administered at a provincial level, so anyone living in Osoyoos, BC, would be covered through BC Healthcare.

You should be aware that there is currently a shortage of family doctors in much of Canada, and it can be difficult to find clinics taking on new patients. This is especially true of the smaller towns and cities.

The town of Osoyoos doesn’t have a hospital, but it is just a 15-20 minute drive to South Okanagan General Hospital in neighbouring Oliver. This is a relatively small facility, but it does offer 24/7 emergency services. Penticton Regional Hospital is around a 1-hour drive north of Osoyoos for more complex needs.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Osoyoos,BC

Osoyoos Lake Lakefront On A Beautiful Summer Day With Mountains And Vineyards In The Background As An Example For Living In Osoyoos Bc Canada
Living In Osoyoos, BC Lakefront

The pros and cons of living in Osoyoos, BC will vary from person to person, but whatever you are looking for, these are key factors for you to consider.

Pros Of Living In Osoyoos, BC

  • Beautiful lakeside location
  • Warm lake waters
  • Mild winters & hot dry summers
  • Close to the US border

Cons Of Living In Osoyoos, BC

  • High BC taxes
  • 2-hr drive to an international airport
  • Relatively isolated
  • Education options limited
  • No hospital in town
  • Limited job opportunities
  • Risk of forest fires nearby
Living In Osoyoos, BC

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  1. Hi, you did an excellent job with this Osoyoos post however you got the golf courses wrong.
    Osoyoos golf club is on the west side and has two 18 hole courses,
    Sonora dunes is on the east side

    • Hi Daryl, thanks for this, you are absolutely right and I have corrected the post. We don’t always get things right and really appreciate people taking to time to let us know. Thanks again! Jill

  2. If anyone was willing to start a Newcomer’s club here that would be helpful. There was one in Oliver that was also for Osoyoos but it has now closed because the president became to old to run it and she couldn’t find anyone to take over for her. I would start it myself but unfortunately my health is not good.

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for your comment. Rental rates and availability are very dependent on the time of year, but I can see that a section on this might have been useful for people interested in living in Osoyoos. If you are looking for current information then it may be worth you joining the Facebook group called “For Rent- oliver, Osoyoos area”. This is a very active group where properties are advertised. Also you could check out “South Okanagan Property Management” who offer long-term rentals. I hope this is of some help.


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