What Is Double Cream In Canada (& 7 Other UK Dairy Substitutes)?

Dairy products can be some of the most difficult groceries for new Brits to find in Canada. It certainly took us a while when we first moved to Canada. Most dairy products have different names, and some are not readily available in Canadian stores. Double cream in Canada is very hard to find.

The table below summarises equivalent Canadian products for UK creams and kinds of milk. Where there is no equivalent, I have given ideas for substitutes.

UK Dairy Product Canadian Equivalent/Closest Substitute
Clotted Cream (55% Fat)Substitute Whipping Cream (33-36% Fat)
Double Cream (48% Fat)Substitute Whipping Cream (33-36% Fat)
Whipping Cream (33-36% Fat)Whipping Cream (33-36% Fat)
Creme Fraiche (0-30% Fat)Substitute Sour Cream, Mascarpone Cheese or Full-Fat Greek Yoghurt
Single Cream (18%)Coffee or Table Cream (18% Fat)
Full Fat Milk (3.5% Fat)Whole, Homogenised Milk (3.25% Fat)
Semi-Skimmed Milk (1.7% Fat)Partially Skimmed Milk (1% Fat or 2% Fat)
Skimmed Milk (0.1-0.3% Fat)Skim Milk (0% Fat)
UK Milk/Cream Products With Canadian Equivalents Or Substitutes inc Double Cream In Canada

What is Clotted Cream Called In Canada?

Canada doesn’t have an equivalent to clotted cream. Canada’s highest fat cream is whipping cream at around 35%, compared to 55% for clotted cream.

Having said that, it is possible to buy clotted cream in Canada. Many of the specialist British stores stock it, and you can also find it at some regular stores (the last time I checked, Save-on-Foods stocked clotted cream from The Devon Cream Company).

If you can’t find any in-store, it can be made from whipping cream. The process is pretty straightforward but does require 12 hours of baking.

What Is The Best Substitute For Double Cream In Canada?

UK double cream has a 48% fat content. The closest equivalent to double cream in Canada is whipping cream at 36% fat. Whipping cream is a little thinner but works well for most recipes. You can often boil hot dishes (such as sauces) a little longer to reduce and thicken the cream.

We would say that whipping cream is the best substitute for double cream in Canada.

What Is Whipping Cream In Canada?

Both UK and Canadian versions have 35-36% fat. They are basically the same product and can be whipped in the same way.

What Is Creme Fraiche In Canada?

Creme fraiche is available in Canada but can be difficult to find. The closest readily available substitute is sour cream, and this will work well in many recipes.

The main differences are that creme fraiche is thicker than sour cream, and its flavour is richer and less sour. In addition, sour cream is more likely to curdle when cooked.

Two other possible substitutes are full-fat Greek yogurt and mascarpone cheese. Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese that has a similar texture and taste to creme fraiche. It is marginally sweeter, so it works best in dessert recipes.

If none of the above works for you, there are a number of options for making your own.

What Is Single Cream In Canada?

UK single cream is really just a richer version of milk, with around 18% fat. The Canadian equivalent is known as either coffee cream or table cream and is readily available in grocery stores.

What Types Of Milk Are There In Canada?

Baked Chocolate Cookies And A Glass Of Milk
Baked Cookies And A Glass Of Milk. Double Cream In Canada.

The three main types of UK milk (full-fat, semi-skimmed, and fully skimmed) are all available in Canada. You just need to be aware of the different names. The names on the packaging will vary depending on the brand.

For example, full-fat milk may be labelled as whole milk or homogenized milk. However, the fat percentage, which is 3.25%, will always be stated on the carton.

Similarly, semi-skimmed milk may be called partially-skimmed or simply labelled as 2% or 1%. British semi-skimmed milk has 1.7% fat. Fully skimmed milk may be described in Canada as skim milk or 0%.

How Do You Make Double Cream In Canada?

Still struggling to find double cream in Canada? Then make your own.

We aren’t the greatest of cooks but will, on occasion, make our own. It isn’t hard. Follow the simple instructions below

Bring milk to a soft boil in a large saucepan until it becomes frothy.

With a slotted spoon, remove the fats that rise to the top and place them in an airtight container.

Allow to rest in the fridge for about a day so that the cream may set.

When you first take it out of the refrigerator, it may be lumpy. Give it a quick whisk.

You have now created your own version of double cream in Canada.

How To Make Heavy Whipped Cream. Double Cream In Canada.

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