6 Best Neighbourhoods In Surrey, BC 2023

For anyone moving to a new, relatively unknown city, it can be challenging to know where to start when choosing your ideal neighbourhood. Are you planning a move to Surrey, BC? If so, which are the best neighbourhoods in Surrey, BC, for your needs?

This article will share some basic facts and reasons to move to Surrey and discuss our picks for the best neighbourhoods in Surrey, BC.

Living In Surrey, BC – The Facts

Queen Victoria named Surrey after the city of the same name in the UK. Surrey is the third largest city in BC, after Vancouver and Victoria, and one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. It has BC’s largest school district with over 100 elementary schools, 19 secondary schools, and 5 other learning centres.

Surrey is a multicultural city that houses the first Kabaddi Stadium in Canada. Kabaddi is a popular port in India where players try to tag a member of the opposite team and then run back to their team’s side.

Finally, the city is home to the Cloverdale Rodeo, the second-largest rodeo in Canada and the third-largest in North America. So if you want to get your cowboy boots on, here is your chance!

Is Property Expensive In Surrey?

In July 2022, the national price average of real estate in Canada was around $630,000, according to The Canadian Real Estate Association. However, you will find that the average cost of a home in Surrey is about $1,086,913 (according to zolo.ca). The price of homes is one of Surrey’s main downsides, although housing is still cheaper here than in Vancouver.

Why Should I Move To Surrey?

Aerial View Of Busy Mall On Summer Day With Mountains As A Backdrop For Best Neighbourhoods In Surrey Bc Canada
Best Neighbourhoods In Surrey, BC Canada

Surrey is in a beautiful part of the country; it has one of the mildest climates in Canada and plenty of amenities. It is close to the water and mountains, has plenty of good restaurants, and lots to see and do, and the neighbourhoods are very family-friendly.

Surrey is also great for those who have connections to Vancouver due to its proximity. Vancouver may have several things you believe Surrey lacks, so living so close can be a significant benefit.

Best Neighbourhoods In Surrey BC – An Overview

One of the best things about Surrey is that it is filled with deeply welcoming communities. The sense of home is strong in the neighbourhoods, and the people are very friendly.

There are areas which are especially good for raising a family, with excellent educational facilities and plenty of local parks, neighbourhoods perfect for singles and students with bars and hang-out areas, and quiet places for retirees to move to.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a city, one of the Surrey neighbourhoods might be perfect. Read on to find your perfect Surrey neighbourhood.

City Centre

The City Centre is one of the best neighbourhoods in Surrey for young couples and professionals. It is close to the best restaurants in the city, is highly walkable, and has access to the entire transit system.

The location is especially great for students as the City Centre is the heart of education in Surrey. You will find Douglas College, Stenberg College, Sprott Shaw College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and Simon Fraser University. 

Along with that, you will never have to go without entertainment. There’s always something going on with year-round festivals, the Green Timbers Urban Forest, and plenty of local events.


One of the most family-friendly neighbourhoods in Surrey is Guildford. It has plenty of good single-family homes, and the older houses are great for those looking for a bargain. 

Additionally, there are many great options for food and dining, and proximity to one of the biggest shopping malls in Surrey is a great advantage. 

If you like to stay active, there are plenty of swimming pools, public parks, hiking trails, soccer fields, and the Guildford Recreation Centre.

This is an especially great area for Indian immigrants looking for a community in Surrey: around 20% of Guildford residents speak Punjabi.


Whalley has changed from the crime-ridden, somewhat rundown area it used to be. Over the years, it has developed into a friendly neighbourhood with a strong community spirit. Now, Whalley is one of the best neighbourhoods in Surrey.

Whalley is still a very affordable neighbourhood and an excellent place for commuters. It is vibrant and lively and has many great cafes and ample green spaces.


One of the most significant benefits of moving to Cloverdale is the fact that it has a very good school system. 

Great for kids, there are plenty of things to keep a young mind and body active throughout the year, from bike trails to 35 different community parks, to an ice arena.

One of the main things you will notice about Cloverdale is that people rarely use their cars. It is a highly walkable community, and if you fancy heading out to the historic main street, walking or biking is a great option.

On the downside, Cloverdale is further from the city’s centre than many other neighbourhoods.


Newton is home to the area’s largest community of South Asian immigrants, who have opened many good local restaurants, clothing shops, and jewellery stores. As such, Newton is one of the best neighbourhoods in Surrey for immigrants looking for a strong community.

Additionally, Newton boasts one of the largest Vaisakhi Parades outside of India, with over 400,000 people attending each year.

Newton could also be an excellent neighbourhood for budding scientists with the Simon Fraser University Fuel Cell Research Lab and the Powertech Labs.


Finally, Fleetwood is another great neighbourhood for South Asian and Chinese communities, with nearly 50% of locals coming of Asian descent.

Fleetwood is a great area to raise a family due to the strong school system and community support network. This middle-class neighbourhood has plenty of parks and outdoor spaces, with a busy community center and the Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex.

Pet owners will love this area as there are two dog parks, plenty of hiking trails, and plenty of dog-friendly cafes and food establishments. 

Not just that, but shopping fanatics will find a real home amongst the many shops, clinics, spas, commercial areas, and endless amenities.

Are You Planning A Move To Canada?

Are you wondering whether to make the move and have endless questions?

Do you want to know what the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa, Ontario are, how much a dental hygienist can expect to earn or the best way to transfer money from the UK to Canada

We have the answers to these and many more questions.

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FAQ Best Neighbourhoods In Surrey BC

Is Surrey, BC, a Good Place to Live?

Surrey has a milder climate than most of Canada; it has lots of green space and great access to nature. The city benefits from its close proximity to Vancouver but is a little more affordable. Surrey is a popular, rapidly expanding city with excellent amenities, such as health and education.

Does Surrey, BC Have Snow?

Surrey, BC, does get snow in the winter, but much less than most cities in Canada. The city sees around 40cm of snow each year, mainly in the months of December, January and February. Overall, snowfall accounts for less than 3% of Surrey’s annual precipitation.

Is Property in Surrey, BC, Cheaper than Vancouver?

Real Estate in Surrey, BC, is cheaper than in Vancouver, with property prices around 10% less than its neighbour. However, property prices in Surrey are still expensive compared to the Canadian national average. Both cities share the same high provincial sales taxes and income taxes.

Living In Surrey, Bc – Best Neighbourhoods In Surrey, Bc

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