8 Best Neighbourhoods In Quebec City 2023

For anyone moving to a new, relatively unknown city, it can be challenging to know where to start when choosing your ideal neighbourhood. Are you planning a move to Quebec City? If so, read on and find out about the best neighbourhoods in Quebec City.

Living In Quebec City – The Facts

Quebec City is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, and Old Quebec is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. The city’s architecture has a very European look to it but somehow combines this with a very clean, new feel that is typical of Canadian cities.

Quebec City sits on the Saint Lawrence River in Canada’s mostly French-speaking Quebec province. It is the capital city of Quebec, although the largest city in the province is Montreal which lies around 250km southwest.

If you happen to be a maple syrup fan, then you’ll love the province of Quebec. Canada produces around 70% of the world’s pure maple syrup, and most of that is produced in Quebec.

Another famous Canadian food was created in Quebec. Poutine is a hearty dish made of fries, gravy, and cheese curds; It actually tastes a lot better than it sounds!

Surprisingly, alongside the French, there is also a large Irish population. During the 17th century, the Irish inhabitants of France were sent away to Quebec to help populate the area.

Is Property Expensive In Quebec City?

Sloping Historic Downtown Street In Fall With Stores One Of Best Neighbourhoods In Quebec City Canada
Best Neighbourhoods In Quebec City Canada

Real estate in the province of Quebec is generally cheaper than much of Canada. And property prices in Quebec City are remarkably low for a provincial capital.

According to The Canadian Real Estate Association, the average price of a home in Quebec City in July 2022 was approximately $320,000. This is close to half of Canada’s national average real estate price, which is around $630,000.

Why Should I Move To Quebec City?

Quebec City is an urban hub that still maintains its charm. The people are friendly, the food is good, and the buildings are beautiful. 

Its location overlooking the St Lawrence River gives the city a very open feel, and there are plenty of urban and outdoor spaces to enjoy. The city also has a waterfall (Montmorency Falls) which is around 100 feet higher than Niagara Falls.

You should be aware that the official language of Quebec is French, although English is also widely spoken. If you don’t already speak the language, living here could be the perfect opportunity to learn.

Old Town

The Old Town is one of the best neighbourhoods in Quebec City if you enjoy history. It is a beautiful area rich with history and historical buildings. These include the  Citadelle of Quebec, which surrounds the old city and the landmark Château Frontenac hotel, which dominates the skyline.

This area also has some of the best restaurants in the country. As you might expect, it isn’t a cheap area to live in, and property prices can reach $2,000,000.

Saint-Jean Baptiste

Known as the neighbourhood of the bohemians, Saint-Jean Baptiste is a colourful and bustling area which offers delicious food and exciting shopping experiences. These include cozy cafes, boutique-style shops, and quirky book and record stores.

There are also plenty of entertainment options for those who appreciate live music and jam sessions. , and the night scene is full of energy. Several watering holes offer live music, and many cater to a gay clientele.


Cap-Rouge is one of the best neighbourhoods in Quebec City for a young family. There are fewer university students in this area because it is relatively deep in the suburbs, but there are plenty of elementary and secondary schools. 

The area is very affordable, and an average house in the area will set you back around $260,000. It is located on the southwestern edge of Quebec City overlooking the St Lawrence River. It has plenty of parks and green space, as well as its fair share of historic buildings.


Often considered one of the best neighbourhoods in Quebec City for upcoming artists and art enthusiasts, Montcalm is an area with theatres, galleries, and exhibition spaces.

This is another excellent place for foodies with friendly bistros, cute cafes, and bustling pubs. So you will never be short on good food to eat and can find whatever you desire at any time, any day of the week.


Young couples and professionals favour this neighbourhood, and is has a great food scene. The neighbourhood has a population of 107,835: it is the borough with the highest population in Quebec.

If you enjoy long hikes and outdoor activities, then Limoilou might be the perfect place for you. Along with having multiple trails, there are also opportunities to go ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding in the winter.

Finally, there is a beautiful park called Le Domaine de Maizerets, a great place to have picnics and go for walks in the summer and the winter.


The population of Beauport is currently at around 74,882, and is one of the oldest European-founded neighbourhoods in Canada. It has a blend of rich culture, beautiful 17th-century architecture, along with excellent amenities.

This is one of the best neighbourhoods in Quebec City for families with young children., The area is very safe, with plenty of outdoor space.

Nouveau Saint-Roch

This area is located in downtown Quebec City, an area which is filled with great restaurants, famous fashion boutiques, and busy cafes.

Initially, this area was very working-class, but over the past few years, it has become more stylish and in demand for middle-class families. To get to this level, almost 380 million dollars have been invested in the past 20 years to reconstruct several areas within the neighbourhood.

Nouveau Saint-Rich is still very affordable, however. With certain houses priced at around $250,000, it is an excellent area for young singles and families looking to make their way in the world.


Sillery is an upscale area set on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. It is home to the Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge gardens, the Quebec Yacht Club, and the 4 km Promenade Samuel-de-Champlain green space.

It is popular with students from neighbouring Laval University, with hip bistros, cozy coffee shops, and fashionable boutiques. It is also within easy reach of downtown Quebec City.

Are You Planning A Move To Canada?

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We have the answers to these and many more questions.

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FAQ – Best Neighbourhoods In Quebec City

Do People Speak English in Quebec City?

The official language of Quebec is French, and this is the first language of most people living in Quebec City. However, English is quite widely spoken, especially in tourist areas. As you move away from the popular visitor areas, you will find there are locals who don’t speak English.

What are the Disadvantages of Living in Quebec City?

Quebec City is beautiful, but there are some downsides to living there. Firstly, you will find things hard if you don’t speak the official language of French. Taxes in Quebec are high compared to many other provinces in Canada; for example, sales tax is almost 15%, compared to just 5% in some provinces. Also, the weather in Quebec City in winter is bitterly cold, even compared to many other Canadian cities.

Is Quebec City a Nice Place to Live?

Quebec City is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It sits high on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, with stunning views over the water. It is also one of the oldest cities in Canada, with a historic old town that few cities in Canada can compete with. The city somehow combines the beauty of an old European city with a clean fresh look.

Living In Quebec City – The Best Neighbourhoods In Quebec City

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