9 Best Neighbourhoods In Lethbridge 2023

For anyone moving to a new, relatively unknown city, it can be challenging to know where to start when choosing your ideal neighbourhood. Are you planning a move to Lethbridge? If so, which are the best neighbourhoods in Lethbridge for you?

Lethbridge is a very affordable city. It is a regional centre with a strong economy and a climate that is milder than many Canadian cities. The city is divided into three sectors, each with great neighbourhood options.

In this article, we’ll explore whether Lethbridge is the right fit for you, how much it’ll cost you, and the best neighbourhoods in Lethbridge for you to consider.

Why Should I Move To Lethbridge?

Based in southern Alberta, Lethbridge has a population of nearly 100,000 people. It has a strong economy and good job opportunities in sectors such as logistics, agri-food, manufacturing, and wind energy.

Lethbridge is a lively city with a great choice of recreational activities and a wide range of events populating its annual calendar. In addition, the city has excellent amenities and facilities. It is a regional retail centre and has many restaurants and bars.

Lethbridge is also an excellent centre for post-secondary education. The University of Lethbridge is well known for its research programs and allows you or your children the opportunity to attend a university with more than 200 courses on offer. Reeve’s College is also a reputable institution, and Lethbridge’s Community College is a well-funded public college offering more than 50 fields of study.

A Winter Prairie Landscape With Three Large Metal Grain Silos And Bales Of Hay In The Foreground Situated South Of Best Neighbourhoods In Lethbridge Alberta Canada
A Beautiful Winter Landscape Around Lethbridge Alberta

Lethbridge typically experiences windy weather due to its proximity to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. However, the city enjoys warm summers, and although winters are cold, they are not as brutal as in many areas of the country.

A moderate climate, good job opportunities, and excellent amenities make Lethbridge a good choice for anyone looking to relocate.

How Expensive Is It To Live In Lethbridge?

The cost of housing in Alberta is lower than in many other provinces, and Lethbridge property prices are low even for Alberta. The average residential property cost in Lethbridge is around $350,000, nearly half the national average.

Additionally, most Albertans have a high disposable income compared to other provinces of Canada. Income tax and sales tax are lower than in many provinces. Sales tax is just 5%, compared to 12% in BC, 13% in Ontario and 15% in Nova Scotia.

Best Neighbourhoods In Lethbridge

Lethbridge is divided into three distinct sectors, each offering various benefits. We have given an overview of each sector below and suggestions for neighbourhoods in each area.

South Lethbridge

The south side is one of the busier areas of Lethbridge. It is home to the city’s hospital, the Chinook Regional Hospital, and the ENMAX Centre, home to the Lethbridge Hurricanes ice hockey team. In addition, you can find big box stores such as Wal-Mart and Costco on the southern edge of Lethbridge.

Flamborough Gardens and Palm Road Apartments in south Lethbridge are popular with students as these neighbourhoods provide relatively easy access to Lethbridge College. 

Some of the best neighbourhoods in Lethbridge are located in the south, such as:

  • Lakeview – Located at the edge of Henderson Lake, this peaceful neighbourhood still has the benefits of being a short drive from most of the city’s main facilities. 
  • Victoria Park – This is one of the biggest neighbourhoods and has the only hospital in the city. It has several school options within easy distance.
  • Agnes Davidson – This neighbourhood mainly features single-family homes. As with the Lakeview neighbourhood, most facilities are only a short drive away.

West Lethbridge

Footbridge In Japanese Gardens In Winter Best Neighbourhoods In Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Best Neighbourhoods In Lethbridge

West Lethbridge is home to newer residential developments. Great for people who prefer to avoid older homes that may need upgrading. The area is also home to the University of Lethbridge campus and is a popular area for many students.

West Lethbridge is popular with families because there is an abundance of parks, walking paths, and schools in the area. On the downside, it is a little further away from many of the city’s amenities and main shopping areas. However, The Crossings, located in the neighbourhood, is home to some local stores and restaurants.

Some suggested neighbourhoods on the West Side are:

  • Garry Station -This neighbourhood has access to shopping, recreational activities, and good schools, making it the perfect place of residence for families. 
  • Heritage Heights – Single-family homes with views of the Lethbridge River bottom and access to parks make this neighbourhood another family-friendly option.
  • Ridgewood Heights – This is another great option and features single-family homes exclusively. Although there aren’t any schools within the actual neighbourhood, many are within easy reach.

North Lethbridge

North Lethbridge is perhaps the top pick of the three sectors for families, particularly the Legacy Park community. It provides access to everything from water parks to sports courts, creating endless opportunities for recreational fun.

For commuting to work, this area would be a good choice for those working in Lethbridge’s industrial area. In addition, grocery stores such as Walmart and Save-On-Foods are located in this part of the city.

Some of the best neighbourhoods in Lethbridge’s northern sector are:

  • Legacy Ridge – Right next to Legacy Park, this neighbourhood is close to the parks and their excellent facilities. Energy-efficient building practices are another benefit of many of the houses in Legacy Ridge.
  • Winston Churchill – One of the older neighbourhoods in the city, this area has idyllic parks and is close to a skating rink, swimming pool, and bowling alley. Both Winston Churchill High School and Wilson Middle School are located in this neighbourhood.
  • Westminster – Despite being one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, Westminster is still a top pick, as it’s just a short distance from many amenities and schools.

Conclusion – The Best Neighbourhoods In Lethbridge

Lethbridge is a great place to live for many reasons; it has excellent amenities, a favourable job landscape, and an affordable housing situation. The city is divided into three main sectors (north, south, and west), each with contenders for the best neighbourhoods in Lethbridge.

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FAQ Best Neighbourhoods In Lethbridge Alberta

Is Lethbridge Always Windy?

Lethbridge may not always be windy, but it does lie in southern Alberta, one of the country’s windiest regions. This is mainly due to winds which blow down from the Rocky Mountains, which are found to the city’s west.

How Far is Lethbridge from the US Border?

Lethbridge is around 90km by road from the US border. The closest border control is the Del Bonita Crossing, and it will take just over an hour to drive there from Lethbridge. However, the Coutts crossing is more popular as it is open 24 hours a day and also takes around 1 hour to drive.

What is the Climate Like in Lethbridge?

Lethbridge has cold, snowy winters and warm summers, typical of Canada. However, the city is very dry, with less than 400mm of precipitation per year. This means that humidity is low, and summers are more comfortable than in many areas of Canada. It also has high numbers of sunshine hours.

Living In Lethbridge – Best Neighbourhoods In Lethbridge

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