8 Best Neighbourhoods In Halifax, NS 2023

Relocating can be daunting, and deciding on housing is one of the biggest concerns when moving to a new place. Are you planning a move to Halifax? If so, which are the best neighbourhoods in Halifax for you?

Let’s look at why moving to Halifax might be the best option for you, the pros and cons of the different areas you could potentially move into, and the best neighbourhoods in Halifax for you.

Why Should I Move To Halifax?

Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is home to one of Canada’s major fishing ports. It enjoys relatively milder weather compared to the rest of Canada. Located next to the Atlantic Ocean, all your summer beach dreams come to life with Halifax’s beautiful beach fronts. 

Halifax boasts a crime rate lower than the Nova Scotian and Canadian average, providing a safe abode for all who choose to reside there. 

With lively nightlife, scenic views, aesthetically pleasing architectural structures, and an abundance of activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, and skiing, there’s never a dull moment living in this beautiful mid-sized city. Its size is another aspect that gives you the best of both worlds in terms of an exciting big-city experience mixed in with plenty of small-city, cozy vibes.

Overall, Halifax is a beautiful place to live in, even when solely considering the experience and atmosphere of the city. That’s not to say it doesn’t have added perks like affordability, which it most certainly is.

Buying Property In Halifax 

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average property cost in Halifax is around $550,000, while the Canadian national average sits at approximately $630,000.

You could choose to buy property or rent depending entirely on your preferences. While renting tends to be uncertain, as rent hikes could occur, it’s still a good option for students and young professionals. On the other hand, those looking to lay down roots and for some added stability might be better suited to buying property.

What’s The Cost Of Living Like In Halifax?

The difference in the cost of living in Halifax compared to the Canadian average can be summarised using the table below.

 Halifax AverageCanadian Average
4-Person FamilyC$5,605C$6,114
Individual LivingC$2,775C$3,333

While this gives a favourable overview of the living cost in Halifax, it’s best to estimate costs according to your individual and personalized needs.

Family Friendly Neighbourhoods

Raising a family requires you to take essential considerations when deciding where to live; from looking into the areas with the best schooling to ensuring there are parks and the like in your vicinity, choosing where to raise your family is a big decision. However, there are quite a few options for family-friendly neighbourhoods.


With the lowest crime rate in the city, there’s no safer option for your family. The area also has two shopping centers and two grocery stores that remain operational around the clock.

Bedford is well known for its excellent schools. Moreover, the people residing in the area are mainly young parents, creating a strong community network. In addition, most families in Bedford keep themselves entertained with the plethora of events at Dewolf Park.

Clayton Park

Featuring a mix of condos and single and multi-family residences, Clayton Park is home to many families drawn to the area because of its abundance of recreational facilities, such as the Northcliffe Centre, offering swimming and other sports facilities. This and the parks and trails in the area make it a fantastic place for families.

A good education is also on the table with the Halifax West High School nearby.


Westmount boasts strong schooling and amenities like the Family Centre and the Westmount Mall that cater to all your shopping needs. In addition, your children are bound to stay entertained with the number of activities offered, including a water park!

However, the most appealing aspect of Westmount is the close-knit community, often dubbed as a place where everyone knows everyone. You’re sure to feel right at home with the friendly locals.

Individual Living

Single living is a part of life that most people greatly look forward to. It is a time to enjoy your youth and get a taste of some longed-for independence. So it makes perfect sense to want to spend this time in a neighbourhood that makes this enjoyment a real possibility. Luckily, Halifax offers a tonne of variety with lively neighbourhood options.

Downtown Halifax

Summer View Of Treelined Downtown And Harbour Best Neighbourhoods In Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Best Neighbourhoods In Halifax, Nova Scotia

Be it young career-oriented individuals or students, living in a fun, exciting part of town is a priority for single living. To this end, one of the best neighbourhoods in Halifax is Downtown Halifax. 

A happening nightlife, excellent restaurants, an ocean view, and historic buildings make this neighbourhood the perfect mix for an exciting living experience. In addition, hip indie stores and attractions like the Art Gallery and the Citadel make great pastime visits.

North End

Recently North End has revamped itself into one of the most exhilarating hot spots in town. Previously known to be slightly sketchy, it’s now called Canada’s answer to Brooklyn, NY. Lion, Bright, and Seven Bays are only some of the trendy coffee spots in the vicinity.

Bars are in abundance, too, so if you’re looking to be just a tad bit carefree and have a penchant for vintage/hipster vibes, this is the best neighbourhood in Halifax! 

South End

Students prefer this part of the city as it’s most accessible when commuting to and from the university. However, when looking to reside in this area, it’s essential to do some scouting to ensure you don’t fall prey to needless price gouging. Generally, opting for co-living in a private house over renting in apartment towers should work out in your favour.

Conclusion – The Best Neighbourhoods In Halifax

Halifax is a wonderfully diverse area offering many options for those looking to settle down in the city. Depending on your personal needs and requirements, you can find the locality that ticks all the boxes for you when deciding which are the best neighbourhoods in Halifax for you, whether you’re a student, a young professional, or a family.

In addition, low property buying costs, an affordable cost of living, and the generally lively and bustling atmosphere provide an even stronger lure for wanting to settle in Halifax. So if you’re still mulling over whether to shift to Halifax, rest assured, whatever your personal living preferences may be, Halifax offers it all!

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FAQ Best Neighbourhoods In Halifax

What are the Disadvantages of Living in Halifax?

One of the main disadvantages of living in Halifax is the lack of job opportunities compared to other Canadian cities. Also, the weather can be wet, foggy and harsh during the winter months. Snowfall can be pretty significant and result in icy roads, making it dangerous to travel around the city.

Is Halifax a Nice Place to Live?

Halifax is a great place to live, offering a good blend of urban amenities and natural beauty. The city has a vibrant downtown core, excellent bars and restaurants and a rich cultural history. In addition, Halifax lies on the Atlantic Ocean, with plenty of outdoor activities options and a good life balance. Our post outlines some of the best neighbourhoods in Halifax.

What is Halifax Known For?

Halifax is the hub of Atlantic Canada and is probably best known for its large natural harbour. It is a beautiful city with historic charm, incredible natural landscapes, and charming lighthouses. Halifax is also known for its excellent bars, restaurants, and seafood.

Living In Halifax – Best Neighbourhoods In Halifax

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